Luna Learns About Science

May 24, 2015 6:19am

Luna set up the eggs within 5 minutes of arriving. There is no chance they are hot enough. Right after the eggs got put out she put out the sausage. I am confused how any of the food is hot enough to serve. We have one microwave to heat everything. There is no chance she heated both the eggs and the sausage in 5 minutes and got it all hot enough. I needed more coffee, so I scooped some eggs on a plate while I was in the dining room. Luna watched me put a single scoop on a plate and stick my finger in the eggs.
“What are you doing to my eggs?” She asked
“Luna, these eggs are cold.”
“It is early. They will warm up on the hot plate with the heat light.” She insisted.
“Luna you can’t put cold food on display. If a guest sees it there they will assume it is ready for them to eat. You could make people ill if the food isn’t hot.”
“You are a really smart guy, did you know that?”
“Thank you,” I said with a big smile.
“That was not a compliment.” She said in a stern voice.
“Actually it was,” I informed her.
“You think you are smarter than everyone.” Here is the big disagreement part of the conversation.
“Not everyone.” I smiled at her. “But those eggs are too cold to serve.”
“Shut up. Stop talking like a smart guy. You know I bet there isn’t anything that you know that I don’t already know.”
“OK. Please define subduction.”
“That is not a real word.” Clearly, she didn’t pay attention in science class back in the cave days.
“Try again, please. Here is a clue. It has to do with tectonic plates.”
“I don’t have to prove myself to you.” She took the cold eggs and put them back in the microwave. When she came back out of the pantry I was eating a bowl of raisin bran.
“Stop stealing the guest’s food.” She said.
“There is nothing wrong with eating breakfast here,” I told her.
“How would you like it if I told management about this?” She said in a threatening way.
“I am fine with that,” I said. “How would you like it if I told them you take the pancake batter home at the end of your shift?”
“Go away.”
“OK Luna, but I expect a full three-page research paper about subduction by next Saturday.”
“Go away now please.”
I walked back to my desk. I also shouted the word “Science!” as I opened the office door.

Science is cool.


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