Luna In Charge

I watched Luna, train a new part-time breakfast attendant. “Because I am technically your manager, I will be observing your work for a little while, until you get settled.” Said Luna. When I overheard that, I couldn’t resist the urge to poke-the-bear. I walked to the dining room and poured myself a cup of coffee.

“Hi Luna, when did you get promoted to management?” I said. Luna stood still for a moment. She was trying to come up with a response. I knew she was hoping I would walk away.

“This is my department. I am the manager of this department.” She proclaimed.

“I won’t argue that you are given some freedom to work in this area as you see fit, but I can’t recall when they promoted you to management. As I recall, the Executive Housekeeper is your supervisor.” Luna started twisting the hand towel that she had in her hands, and she spoke to the new girl.

“Will you please go to the kitchen and check the sausages?” She said, and the girl walked to the kitchen.

“I remember when I was hired here. You tried pulling that crap on me too.”

“I don’t recall what you are talking about.” She claimed.

“Oh, well I recall it. You told me you were my supervisor, and I disagreed. In-fact, the Assistant Manager had to tell you to stop calling yourself a manager.”

“I recall no such thing.” She said, again.

“I’m pretty sure she knows you’re full of shit, now. You have fun with the rest of that training!” I walked back to the desk, sipping my coffee.

“You’re such an asshole.” She said, before returning to the kitchen.


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