Luna Asks About Pot

July 3, 2015 6:45am

Luna abruptly swung open the door to the office. I think she was trying to catch me in the act of doing something. I kept my eyes on my laptop. I said. “Hello Luna. How can I help you?” Luna sniffed the air a few times, then she said. “I smell marijuana.” I rolled my eyes around the room and sniffed the air a bit. “Luna, are you holding out on me?” I asked. Luna immediately tensed up. “No. I do not have any illegal drugs. I smell it. Do you have marijuana in here?” I looked at her and smiled at her in my usual way. “Luna are you asking me for weed? Are you asking me to provide you with some pot?” She got very defensive when I asked that. “No!” Was all she could say before I continued. “Luna are you trying to get me to smoke a joint with you by the dumpster?” Luna got bossy. She pointed her finger at me and said. “Stop making fun of me. Just admit it. We are the only two people here.” I did my best “squinty eyebrow suspicion face” and said. “Luna.” I leaned a bit towards her direction. “Are you wearing a wire?” I stood up and walked to her. She said. “I am not wearing any wires.” I was standing right in front of her. I spoke loudly towards her boobs. “I promise you ma’am. I have no drugs for sale.” Luna stepped back into the hallway. She scolded me. “Stop talking to my boobs!” I innocently asked. “Well isn’t that where they hide the mic?” Luna covered her chest with both of her hands and started walking back to the dining room. I went back to reading the news.


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