Just Go To The 4th Floor For A Contact High

May 31, 2015 4:30am

We have some teen-aged guests staying on the 4th floor. I keep seeing groups of them coming and going through the front door. I had a feeling seeing them come and go so often meant they were partying in a room. When I delivered the bills the entire 4th floor stunk like weed. Not like a little bit, but more like people have just been smoking blunt after blunt after blunt in a room. Due to poor ventilation the smoke and odor has no place to go but under the door and into the hallway. The smell is so strong in the hallway that I cannot pinpoint which room exactly it is. So I checked all the in-house guests on the 4th floor using the computer. I checked every single room occupied. The only rooms that someone has swiped a credit card for incidentals are the rooms I checked in. the rest only have the card swiped for the stay itself. Some of those rooms I can just drag and drop the credit card info from one row to the row we have for incidentals and have it all covered. The issue is that several of those rooms are Expedia reservations and the desk attendant who checked them in never took a credit card from those people for incidentals. We cannot charge Expedia’s card for any room incidentals. Several other rooms are cash reservations that also have no credit card on file for incidentals. If those are the rooms that they are smoking in then the desk attendant who checked them in is going to have some explaining to do. That means if those rooms are being used for smoking we cannot charge them a fee. Shame on you daytime desk attendant. Did you really think checking in teenagers without a credit card on file was a good idea? Really? Because kids always follow the rules and would never smoke pot in the hotel room. LMAO!


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