Is This Food Organic Organic? Or Is it Genetically Modified Organic?

May 21, 2015 6:18am

A 20 something year old guy shows up for breakfast. I just finished putting the food out. He looked over all of his options. “Question.” He said. I looked at him, showing he had my attention. “Is any of this food by chance organic?”
“Yes” I say in response. “It is all organic.”
“You mean to tell me that all of these food options are non GMO?”
“Oh no, not at all. Pretty much all of the food you see here is GMO.” I said.
“Wait a minute.” He says with suspicion in his tone. “How can you tell me all of the food is organic and then admit that it is actually GMO?”
“Because” I said. “All food is organic.”
He gave me that look that implies I must be some kind of joker. “That makes no sense.”
“It actually does.” I tell him. “In order for something to be organic it must be carbon based. If something is not carbon based then it is not organic.”
“But GMO’s aren’t organic.” He says all matter-of-factually.
“GMO food is still carbon based. It is definitely organic. It is just not natural.”
“Why do you think that is true?” He asks.
“Because I studied geology in college.” I said. “Without carbon there is no organic.”
“I Googled organic before. It never mentioned anything about carbon.” He informed me.
“I agree. I also Googled the word organic and never found carbon to be included in any definitions. In fact most definitions that I found said inorganic things are not natural or made of the earth or by nature. And many definitions included saying stuff about the pesticides used in farming making food not organic.”
He laughed out loud. “See you just admitted you are wrong.”
“Nope.” I smiled. “I am not wrong.”
“How can you believe that when you just admitted what you learned on Google?”
“Because.” I said. “Google is not a credible educator. I will believe my geology professor who is actually a Geologist and has years of experience studying the earth and educating people.”
“But people get most of their information through Google.”
“I know, and that scares the crap out of me. People tend to search for information and then settle with the first thing that they agree with instead of questioning sources and expanding on their research to compare other information that they can find, allowing them to make a better informed decision about what they are researching.”
“So what would you say is safe to eat?” He asked.
“Nothing.” I said. “We’re all doomed.”
“The chocolate muffins look good though” He said.
“They are super chocolatey and go great with coffee.”
“So you recommend the muffins then?”
“No I recommend a banana and some oatmeal.” I said.
“I think I will have a muffin.”
“Good choice.”


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