I Think You Are Mistaken About Never Making Mistakes

The outside doors to the hotel opened and I could hear someone grabbing a luggage cart. This confused me because I already checked-in everyone on my arrivals list. A lady walked in, she looked at me like she means business.

“Can I help you?” I asked. She spoke with a bit of a South Carolina accent.

“You have three rooms for us.” She gave me her name.

“Are you sure the reservation is for tonight?” I asked. She looked at me like she didn’t like the joke. It wasn’t a joke.

“Yes, it is for today. We have three rooms.” I started looking at the reservation screen. It showed no more incoming reservations.

“I know it’s after midnight, but the hotel is still doing business for the 22nd. Could the reservation be for the 23rd?” She spoke very matter of fact to me. She looked me in the face and sternly said…

“Yes, I don’t make these kinds of mistakes, mister.” That was when her three kids walked in and sat on the sofa, followed by her husband, who had the luggage cart loaded to its maximum capacity. I was impressed how much luggage he could fit on that one cart. Too bad it was a waste of his time. He went back to the car. I kept looking for her name under the profiles. I found her name and address, and checked the history. She was here this time last year. There was still no reservation in the computer for her, as far as this year is concerned. I said…

“I’m sorry, but there appears to be nothing under your name in our system for today, and I cannot find any future reservations for you.” She grabbed her phone and started going through her emails.

“I know I just saw the email today. I can give you the confirmation number.” I kept looking at the computer. Sometimes people at the desk misspell names so I was checking everything that I could just in case she was actually supposed to be their. I found nothing. After a few minutes she went through her purse. “I bet I have the paper copy in here.” She said. I watched her do that for a minute. No luck. It seems the lady who makes no mistakes might be mistaken. She went back to her phone, and she asked me about another persons name. “Is she staying here this week?” She asked.

“I cannot look that up for you. Giving out people’s names is personal information and it’s an invasion of privacy.” She ignored me and kept searching. Her husband returned; he looked exhausted  from driving all day with his bratty kids, and know-it-all wife who can do no wrong. She finally found the email.

“I found it!” She shouted out. “Now if you don’t have my rooms you are in trouble.” I smiled. I was ready for that number. It was certain  to be interesting. She continued. “Comfort Suites confirmation number…” I interrupted her immediately.

“This is not a Comfort Suites hotel. You are at the wrong Hotel.” She tried hiding her embarrassment. Her husband looked at me in disbelief. Then he looked at the cart, and then back at me. The lady looked at him and said “OK, well we are at the wrong place. You gotta repack the car, honey.” Her kids sat on the sofa looking dumbfounded. One of them said…

“But we were just at Comfort Suites.” Mom looked at him and said…

“Hush, it’s no big deal.” Her husband grabbed the cart and wheeled it back outside. She followed. The kids took a moment to get up. They repacked the car and drove off.


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