Happy Mother’s Day Luna!

My conversation with an elderly woman.

Guest: I love Luna. She is so nice to us.

Me: So you are happy with your breakfast?

Guest: Yes! We always come to this hotel because we love her so much.

Me: (trying not to laugh) Well we are happy to have you with us so often.

Guest: She is so nice to us..Isn’t she just the best?

Me: No…I think my mom is the best.

Guest: You sound like a good son.

Me: I am…you should meet my brother. He makes me look like a saint.

Guest: We are going to my grandsons graduation. Will you tell Luna thank you for me? She is not available, and we have to leave.

Me: I would be happy to.

I walked to the kitchen.

Me: Hey Luna, that lady thinks you rock…

Luna: Did she say that?

Me: No but she still thinks you rock…I think she is loony-toons. Happy mothers day.

Luna: Screw you.


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