What Just Happened?

When I arrived at work there was a loud party going on in the dining room. I ask my coworker what was going on. “What is this shit?” I asked.

“The AGM, gave some doctor permission to have a party in the lobby. They should be done soon.” He said.

There was something about the way he said that. I felt like he was trying to hold back information. He still had ten minutes before his shift ended, but he clocked out and ran out the door as quickly as he could, and left me with a mess. Not only were there tons of people in the lobby getting drunk and playing loud music, but there were eight registration cards set up in the arrivals bucket. When I checked for arrivals in the computer, it only showed five arrivals. I had to check each name in the system to see if anything matched up anywhere. Two of the registration cards in the arrival bucket were already checked in, and already had registration cards filled out, so why were there two identical registration cards in the arrival bucket? There was also the matter of the other three registration cards that don’t match my arrivals list. Who were those people? I typed their names in the guest list to see if they are already in-house. Nope. The registration cards said they were due to arrive for one night. None of them showed as being checked in, and none of them showed as incoming arrivals. I checked to see if any of them canceled. No luck.

Two different shuttle-loads of people arrive from the airport. I checked them all in while also getting the party people to turn down the music. The bulk of the party died down quickly after that. There were still a few people left drinking, but it was tolerable, and any of the guests upstairs would not have been able to hear them. One of the guys from the party told me he that wanted to check in. He was partying all night and never checked in? I told him, “I have no more arrivals.”

“It might be under a different name.” He said.

I searched that name in the in-house list and magically one of my mystery registration cards appears as checked in. Was it in limbo? The room was registered to a doctor. I checked the in-house bucket, and there was no registration card in the folder for that room. The woman, whose name was attached to the reservation happened to also be partying in the dining room, so the man went to get her, and brought her to my desk.

“That the guy working before you told me that I could get my room key at the desk later if I wanted.” Se said.

That asshole checked her into a room without having her fill out the registration card. Then he told her she could just grab her room whenever she wants, and then never informed me about any of it?

While figuring out where those people were supposed to go there was a loud drunk lady telling everyone in the dining room whose wife is hot…

“Your wife is hot, your wife is hot, your wife is hot. I don’t know your wife. You’re hot, you’re hot…” She thinks everyone is hot. I was able to put those two people in their correct rooms. The loud drunk lady started telling everyone about her favorite sex toys. “Guys, I would totally marry my vibrator if it was actually a thing people could do. I’m not slut or anything, I’m actually still a virgin. I’m basically just a collector.”

“I heard something different, just saying.” Blurted one of the women in the group.

Vibrator lady changed the subject to her $65.00 clitoral vibrator/remote control panties. It was almost 2:30 in the morning, and I was curious how long that discussion would keep going. According to her a glass dildo is far better than a rubber one. She insists everyone should get a glass one. I was waiting for her to pull out a catalogue and start taking orders. Instead, she said

“I’m just a smart-ass 26-year-old, and I should be slapped in the face…” Shit just got real.

I had to use the bathroom. When I returned to the desk, she was gone, and everyone was slowly making their way back to their rooms. That was probably a good thing.


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