The Elevator Doesn’t Work

The only elevator in this hotel is out of service. I had a feeling this would make my shift interesting. A man walked in looking for a room. I checked the room availability; then I informed him that the elevator was not working and the only room I had for him was on the 3rd floor. He smiled and said, “OK.” I completed his reservation, and then I watched him grab a luggage cart and take it to his car. I reminded him that the elevator was not working. He said, “OK.” I watched him fill the cart with all of his luggage and a few boxes. As he walked back in with the cart I reminded him again that the elevator is not working. He just smiled and said, “I understand.” He went on pushing the cart to the end of the hallway. I waited a moment, and he returned with the cart.

“I guess this won’t go up the stairs so easily… It’s OK to laugh.” So I did. I offered to help him carry his bags to his room, but he turned down my offer. It will be fun to watch everyone leave in the morning.



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