No You Can’t Check In 14 Hours Early

All of the guests were checked-in. The hotel sold out, because of Valentines Day, so I did the audit early. Why not? There is no reason to wait until 3am when I can get it done immediately, and relax. As soon as it finished, an old woman walked through the door. She told me that she was there to check-in. “I’m sorry ma’am, but this hotel is sold out. We don’t have any rooms available right now.”

“When I made the reservation I made sure I could check-in at 1am.”

“You were told that you could check-in at 1am today?”

“Yes.” She insisted. I looked her up. She had a reservation arriving on the 15th, and leaving on the 16th.

“The arrival for this reservation is at 3pm.” She got very mad at me.

“Don’t you tell me you don’t have my room ready. I called here, and I was told that I could check-in on the 15th at one o’clock in the morning. I talked to someone named Maurice. It’s the 15th, and it is 1:00am”

I know there’s nobody at this hotel with that name. I looked closer at the information on the reservation. It was made on Expedia. “Your reservation says Expedia. Since you made this reservation online, I’m confused who you spoke to here.”

“Your information is wrong. I made that reservation with you, over the phone.”

“Not with me, you didn’t You can’t have an Expedia reservation without making the reservation on Expedia. I assure you, there is nobody here named Maurice.”

“I called this hotel. and I spoke to a man named Maurice.” She wasn’t lying to me. She obviously believed what she was saying.

“I’m sorry, but there is not a single thing I can do to change this issue. We have nobody named Maurice working here, and even if you called after making an online reservation nobody here would have been able to make any changes to it. The reservation is made for the 15th and check-in is at 3pm. There are no rooms available right now.”what-do-you-m69qe8

“I’m three hours away from home and you’re telling me I can’t have my room? Where did my money go that I already paid?”

“When you book a room online, you pay for your stay at the time you make the reservation. Nothing happened to the money that you paid, It’s just that your reservation was made for the 15th, and the hotel is currently sold out, because it’s Valentines Day, and everyone who checked in for Valentines Day are still using their rooms. I doubt you want to use any of the beds yet. You know… Love-stuff.”

“But, I was told my room would be ready for me, now.”

“Ma’am, what number did you call when you spoke to Maurice?”

“It was the one on the website.”

“What that number on the Expedia site?”

“Well, yes.”

“Okay. I understand what happened. You called someone who works for Expedia. You never spoke to anyone here. I think the reason you were told you could have you room at 1am on the 15th, is because we don’t change our business date until 3am. That means if you show up at 1am on the 16th, the hotel will count that as doing business for the 15th, because the hotel wouldn’t have switched to the 16th yet.” I could tell from the blank stare on her face, that I lost her. “The person you spoke to was mistaken about the date and time, and gave you incorrect information.”

“What am I supposed to do now?” She asked with genuine concern. Did I fail to mention there was a blizzard going on outside? Driving conditions were not good at all.

“Is there anyone who you could call?” She pulled out her phone and called someone. I assumed the person was nearby, because she was explaining the issue, and asked if she could go to the person’s house.

The lady left, and she looked nervous. I felt like garbage. There was nothing I could do about her room issue. I also didn’t want to have to send an old lady into a blizzard. Maurice is an asshole.


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