Luna Called She Still Hates Me

I cleaned up the mess that the party people left in the dining room. I found two half-full bottles of white wine and a full 30-pack of cheap lite beer. That’s not really my kind of beer, but if nobody claims it in the morning it’s going in my car. Free is still a good deal. Luna, the breakfast attendant in her late 60’s, who hates me for no apparent reason, called me at 3:30am. “I need you start making breakfast for me.” She said.

“No,” I said. She sounded surprised to hear me say no.

“Why not?” She asked.

“It is far too early to start making breakfast.”

“But I have a shuttle to drive this morning, and I am already on the road to go to work.”

“It is still too early. Breakfast is at 6am, and you need to stop calling me to tell me to do your job.” Luna hung up on me.

When Luna arrived she looked around the dining room. She turned to me and asked. “Why didn’t you clean up the mess from the party?” All she had to do was put the chairs back to where she wanted them.

“I picked up all of the beer and wine bottles, all of the food, and all of the other garbage that was left behind. I even washed the table tops and mopped up all of the spilled wine and beer that people spilled on their way back to their rooms. All I didn’t do was put back the chairs, and vacuum the rug because I cannot run a vacuum before 9am.” Luna pointed out all of the food that people crushed into the rug with their feet.

“How could you let this happen?” She sounded like a mother who just returned home to discover that her oldest child let his siblings tear the house apart. I considered explaining to her what kind of night I had; however, I realized there wasn’t an explanation that I could offer her that she would simply accept because it came from me, and Luna hates me.

“I am so sorry Luna. I suppose I’m a failure as a night auditor. I did not babysit a group of mostly grown adults and make sure they follow proper food etiquette. You’re not going to tell the boss are you?”

“I am not stupid. I know that was sarcasm.”

“Sweet. It’s been fun chatting.” Luna huffed at me and turned her attention to moving the chairs. I wonder if she took the wine that I left on the pantry counter?


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