How To Lose Your Girlfriend

I watched a car full of kids drive up to the main door of the hotel. A young guy and his girlfriend got out and, walk to my desk. “How much for a suite?” he asked.

“How many nights will you be staying, and how many people will be in the room with you?”

“It’s just the two of us.” I was looking right at the other three people in the car.

“Are you expecting any company while staying?”

“A few friends might stop by to say hello.” It was clear they wanted a room to party in, and I was not about to have to babysit a bunch of drunk, possibly underage, horny students.

“The room would be $250 for one night.” That price was way more than the actual rate. I continued. “Can I see I.D. please?” They both pulled out ID’s showing they are each in fact 18. “I can’t rent to anyone under 25.” They looked shocked.

Here is the part that surprised me. He begged me to do him this favor, and rent him the room. I told him I couldn’t do it. Then he said… “If you help me out, and hook us up with a discount, my girl will suck your dick.”

I watched her slap him several times in the face while screaming, “You Fucking asshole!” Then she stopped and looked at me with concern. I smiled and said…

“You should break up with that guy.” Followed by, “OK get out before I call the police.



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