Did I Just Give Your Room Away?

Last night I arrived to work like usual. There were 2 arrivals left for me to check in at some point. Long dramatic story shortened a bit; the first person arrived, and I put her in her room. All was good. Then the second person arrived and, she complained about getting stuck in Toronto, so I tried to hurry her check-in. I saw in the arrivals list there was a prepaid room purchased on Expedia from Toronto with no name attached to it. Now that is strange. The online purchase also means no matter what, the reservation cannot be changed by me or my management. I asked if her reservation was made on Expedia. “Yes.” She said. Then I asked where her reservation was made from. “Toronto.” She answered. I checked her in, and she went off to bed.

A third person showed up with a family of five, and I was very confused. He showed me his confirmation number for the reservation. That other lady was in his room… My bad… I bet you are asking yourself how I fixed it. I will tell you what to do in that situation…

First, you have a mini-freak-out in your head as you start to sweat, because you messed up big-time. Then you search for an identical room with the same accommodations. After that, you promise the guest he will get the same rate so the guest is not as pissed anymore. Then, you grab his credit card and use it to complete the reservation, and send them off to their room. 20170215_003841.jpg

Once you are alone, you try not to have a heart attack. Then you realize that the lady is in a room that the guy prepaid for, and he cannot get that money back; plus he now paid for a second room on top of that. Oops! Now you switch them in the computer. Give the new room the same rate as the Expedia rate, which was lower than the normal rate, and you take the card, that the strange lady gave you, and switch it to the room that the family is now in, and cancel that new credit card, so the family does not actually get billed twice. Then you remove the guy’s name and add hers. Look up her name to find out she is a rewards member so you add her member number to the reservation, then add 1,000 points on top of that because of the screwup. Now there are reservations showing that the guests got billed properly for identical rooms without getting overcharged and nobody had to switch rooms. I get to keep my job.


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