Bad Credit/Guest Stalker

A guy looking to be about 55, walked in at 5am looking for a room. I offered him one at the AAA rate. He accepted, so I started the reservation for him.

“I don’t care what it cost. I’m pissed, and want to hit someone, and just get some sleep.” He said. That was when I ran his credit card. The computer said it was invalid. I ran it again, and I was given the same result.

“The system is telling me that this card is invalid. Do you have another one that you would like to use?” I said.  He insisted that the card was good. I punched the numbers in by hand, and I got the same pop-up saying invalid. I handed him the card back, and told him I could not complete the reservation without a valid card. That asshole lunged towards me and took a swing. He was leaning as far over the desk as he could reach so I grabbed his head, and I shoved his face into the desk. I picked up the can of pepper spray that we keep next to the computer. I held it in-front of his face, and said to him… “When I let go you are going to walk to your truck and leave, and I won’t call the cops on you. Now tell me that you understand or I would just empty this entire can of pepper spray into your face right now!”

“OK!” He shouted, so I let him go, and he ran out that door faster than an Olympic sprinter.

A lady called the desk as soon as he left. She gave me the name of a woman and asked me if she was staying at this hotel. “I cannot just give away information about guests and cannot confirm if that person was here.” I said.

“I just needed the room number.” She replied.

“I still won’t offer any information, and am not even going to look up the person’s name for you.”

“I plan to talk to your manager about this. How do you feel about that?”

“He will just tell you to go away.”

“Why are you being so difficult?”

“If you were staying here and someone was seeking to find you, but maybe they intended to do you harm, and they called me asking me to tell them if you were here, and what room you were in, would you want me to give them that information?”

Well, I’m not crazy, and I don’t want to hurt anyone.” She insisted.

“Try to contact the persons cell phone and ask them yourself.” I hung up the phone.1344130157281_3238386


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